Freg Lanolast "I'm used to getting what I want, you know? And I want you. "

Birthday: October 23rd
Age: 317
Height: 5'9"
Hair: matte black
Eyes: light blue
Race: Elf
Favourite food: green apples
Distinguishing features: Permanent wrinkle above left eyebrow

He is cold and mean. Death and killing people don't seem to really bother him. Has high ambitions and expectations, but also a conscience, if only a small one. He is very theatrical with whatever he does and tends to not offer excuses for his behavior.

He thinks of himself as a "bad guy" and bases his behavior around that concept. Pretty much his whole personality works around his own self-fulfilling prophecy. It's up in the air whether or not he can change his perception of himself or not.

The above is what Freg looked like in his first appearance in Lust For Freelance. His ears were a lot shorter (now they're maybe 8 inches long) and his hair was a lot more normal, albeit scruffy. When I first designed him, he was supposed to look very unkempt. As I had to draw him over and over, his hair just kind of evolved into that box shape we see today.