Lust For Freelance

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Comic History

In 2004, I completed a short comic entitled "Point of Inflection" centered around a demon and an elf who fell in love despite the war around them. Later that year, I decided to write another, longer comic in the same universe. It would involve a group of travellers who had their own business to attend to, meanwhile having to dodge around a war none of them had a part of.
It became the story of Mohei, a demon who wanted to travel around the world because he lost his memory, ignoring the war, although not able to avoid it because his comrades were all involved in one way or another.
While working from this point of view, I realized that there was something larger, greater than I had previously imagined. Because of this, I imagined a larger universe, a larger story with the roots of a dark magical power controlling everything from behind the scenes. This is why I added a framework of extra pages in the beginning of the comic.
At the same time, I wanted to develop the past relationship between Mohei and the one person he remembers, Freg, and so I decided to start the comic over again from a fresh perspective, in the distant past. I hope all my thoughts and efforts over these past four years culminate into something that's understandable and enjoyable to read.