Lust For Freelance

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Fanart Gallery

Fanart for Lust for Freelance

Art by Becca

All Characters - Lust for Freelance as a high school romance
Freg - a headshot
Freg doing his "GAY MAGIC"
Sonja - a headshot, looking adorable
The Demon King looking at a Speedo
Sonja - a cute little sprite!
Sonja - another cute picture.

Art by Jan

Mohei and Freg - Mohei holding Freg
Lowe - eating a marshmallow
Mohei - smiling

Art by Rachel

Mohei - a pencil drawing with someone else's OC
Mohei in a water cave

Art by Robert

Sonja - a lovely picture
Sonja - a collaberation
Freg and Mohei - A comic! Part 1
Freg and Mohei - A comic! Part 2

Art by Miss Special

Mohei and Freg posing 'cause shit just got real

Art by Elaine

Lowe just out of the shower

Art by Lupus Draconis

The Demon Lord licking some blood off his finger. Yum!

Art by Helsike

Mohei and Freg - (Explicit warning!)