Lust For Freelance

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LFF items for sale

Pins: 2$ each, and 2 for 3$

Show your love for Lust for Freelance with a cute pin of Mohei or Freg!

Magnets: 2$ each

Brighten up your hoe-hum fridge! Just remember not to place the magnets anywhere near your computer. No extra charge for shipping.

Non-LFF items
I take commissions! 7$ for a sketch (that's a pencil-sketch), 10$ for an inked piece (inked with a quill-pen like my comic and cross-hatched), and 15$ for a coloured piece (one character, watercoloured). 20$ for a coloured piece with two characters. Shipping is free. I ask for payment in advance. If you are unsatisfied, you will receive your money back. I reserve the right to refuse service depending on the order (but I don't usually, so ask away!)

If you wish to order any thing, please e-mail me at imabubble AT sailormoon DOT com